Bulletin – Sept 21, 2014

Service of Worship
The Lord’s Day
September 21, 2014
Worship Leader: Ron Sytek
Pianist: Loretta Beyer
“Yet a time is coming and has now come

when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit
and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks.
God is Spirit, and His worshipers must worship in
Spirit and in truth.”
John 4:23-24

Welcome to Huron Shores Fellowship!
We are glad that you are here.

Words of Welcome and Fellowship Greeting
Invitation to Worship

Opening Prayer

Call to Worship/Congregational Praise
We Bring the Sacrifice of Praise

He Has Made Me Glad 

Let There Be Glory and Honor and Praises

I Love You Lord

The Giving of Tithes and Offerings

Anthem: “Come, Holy Spirit”

Helen Knight, director


Children’s Blessing: Pastor Joshua Ray
Children’s Worship Time – (Children ages 4 – 2nd grade)
Congregational Singing
The Church’s One Foundation 
Scripture Reading: Acts 2: 1-21 (pg. 1692)      Sid Rhind
This is the Word of the Lord. Thanks be to God!

Morning Prayer

Message: Phil Ghiata

“The Power of Pentecost”

Congregational Response

Have Thy Own Way Lord
Our Life Together
The Passing of the Peace
Leader: The Peace of Christ be with you!
People:    And also with you!

As guests of Huron Shores Fellowship, we extend a warm welcome to you!
If you’d like to learn more about our Fellowship, please take a

 guest information packet with you today.

We encourage you to join us next week at 9:30 a.m. for Sunday

Bible Study. We have classes for all ages.

Reminder – Following today’s service is our Annual Family Meeting!
Be sure to join us for this very important meeting.

Tuesday Afternoon Bible Studies

Our Tuesday afternoon Bible studies will continue this week. Please
join us at 4:30 for Bible study, prayer and fellowship. There is a
group for men and a group for women. Everyone is welcome!

Wednesday Evening Schedule

We will be continuing our full Wednesday evening program this
week. Please join us for our scheduled activities. There is a place

for everyone

9:00 – 9:30          Prayer Time in the prayer room, come and join us.

9:30 a.m.              Bible Study for all ages
10:45 a.m.            Worship Service

Infant and Toddler nurseries are available
12:00     Annual Church Family Meeting
Please plan to stay after worship for our Annual Church Family meeting
today. At this meeting we will be considering our 2014-2015 ministry budget
and hearing reports about a number of our ministries. We hope that you will
stay for this important meeting.

 6:00-8:00 p.m.     “Lighthouse” Sr. High Youth Group
MONDAY, September 22
6:00 p.m.             Christian Life & Growth Team
TUESDAY, September 23
4:30 p.m.             Men’s Group
4:30 p.m.             Women’s Bible Study

WEDNESDAY, September 24

7:00 a.m.  Sr. High Students: “See You At the Pole”

5:45 p.m.             Wednesday Evening “Potluck” Supper
Please join us and bring a dish to share.
Set-up and drinks will be provided.

6:30 p.m.             Children and Youth Clubs
6:30 p.m.             Adult Bible Study

7:30 p.m.             Choir Practice

THURSDAY, September 25

12:00                    Women’s Fellowship at Cabin Creek Café

FRIDAY, September 26
Gym Night
7:00-8:00 p.m.     5th grade and down
8:00–9:00 p.m.    Jr. High Youth
Pastoral Care Opportunity

If you have a need for pastoral care, please call Chuck Sherwin
(464-2110) or Kevin Englund (657-5573). We hope that you will
reach out if there is a need so that our church family can provide
care and support.

Care & Outreach Contact

Becky Sommerfield is now the contact person for the Care & Outreach
team. If you know of a family or individual in a time of need for meals,
cards, illness or loss, please call Becky at 517-481-6720.

2014 Winter Coat Ministry

The countdown has begun. Just 3 short weeks until October 9th and
 our 3rd warm outerwear clothing giveaway held right here at Huron Shores.
You may have noticed our sign on the front lawn when you

came in today. We are also contacting the media to help us advertise. But, now
we need your help.

Please take an orange flyer (or several if you can) and post them
around the area in places of business to help spread the word about

our ministry and when and where it is.   Getting the word out just

might be the most important aspect of putting this event together. 
We can have all the warm clothes in the world, but if people don’t
know they are available and don’t come, then it doesn’t do a bit of

good to have them still hanging at the end of the day. Thank you.
Only 3 weeks left until our 3rd winter outerwear giveaway.   We could

still use items (particularly coats, boots and snowpants) in children’s
sizes to round out our inventory. You can bring them to church anytime
between now and October 9th and leave them in the area next to Pastor’s office.
Your donations are the backbone of our ministry.Without you, we would
not be able to provide clothing to those who need something warm to wear.
In addition to your donations, you have the following opportunities to be a further
part of this ministry. Stop by the table in the Narthex if you can help

in any of these areas:

Sign up to help with set up on Tuesday, October 7. We start around
9:00 a.m. and finish around 12:00 or 1:00 p.m. Sign up to be here anytime
between 9:00 and 2:00 p.m. on Thursday,   October 9, to greet and help our guests.
Then, we’ll need help   for an hour     or two to clean up. Come anytime and stay as long
as you like.  Sign up to bake a dozen cookies (no brownies or cakes) and have them
at the church by Wednesday, October 8. These are for our guests.
Thank you for your continued support. Your response to all our needs has been amazing.
College Students of the Week: Cameron Duncan, Erik Lewis

A.C.C.: Amy McNeil, Kathy Treinen
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