New and Improved!

A sign reading new and improved on yellow backgroundWelcome to the new Huron Shores Fellowship webpage! This page has been in the making for a couple of months. We’ve made the change for many reasons, but let’s hit the highlights of what this webpage will do for us.

1) You can now subscribe via e-mail to the webpage. Subscribe by putting your e-mail address in that box to the right under the header. Every time new content is added, an e-mail will be sent directly to your e-mail address. This is especially important for parents of our youth. Pastor Josh will be posting details of youth activities, as well as any last-minute changes due to weather or other issues.

2) The calendar page links to our new Google Calendar feature. Judy will be able to update the calendar on a daily basis as changes occur. Please note that changes to the calendar will not be e-mailed to subscribers – only posts will be e-mailed. So check the calendar often to see the latest.

3) This page allows us to use archives. No longer will bulletins or other announcements disappear after two weeks on-line.  You’ll be able to access them by topic looking under category or by month under archives. History at our fingertips.

Our goal is to have a working, up-to-date, user-friendly webpage for Huron Shores. We welcome feedback. You can contact Pastor Josh or Pegg Thomas with suggestions to make this even better.


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