Huron Shores Fellowship

Sermon: “One Good Punk Deserves Another”

November 3rd “You clean up real good”


October 27, 2019 “The Forgotten Man”


October 20, 2019 “Caught by a Cougar” Pastor Warren Hoffman


September 29, 2019 “Soul Rest” Pastor Warren Hoffman

September 22, 2019 “Employee of the Year” by Pastor Warren Hoffman

Thanks to all that helped pack these meals!

NiCE Foundation

Equipping Nicaraguans to reach their country for Christ 

Thank you to Huron Shores Fellowship for packing 40,000 FEED NICARAGUA meals yesterday!

Sunday September 15, 2019 “Did Jesus buy MY body” by Pastor Warren Hoffman

Ironworks Men’s Group


We look forward to serving the Lord with you!

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Men’s breakfast-join us for food and bible study.

Are you a guy? Do you like big breakfasts and coffee? Are you reading this? Probably not. Because you’re a guy. And you’re not on facebook. But your gal is reading this. Ladies, show this to your guy, or a guy… doesn’t matter who. Promise them a great breakfast. Tell them to be there at 8am, or drop them off at 8am and don’t tell them anything. Promise them it won’t go past 9:30 so they have the rest of their Saturday free. Tell them they don’t even have to be a member of HSF to come. Oh yeah, and share this post….. because we won’t. We’re men, we don’t “share” things. Also ladies, it will give you an hour and a half to yourself tomorrow morning. But don’t tell them that.