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Our Leadership Model

The Bible models a form of leadership in which multiple leaders, in strong personal relationship, lead under the direction of the Holy Spirit. At Huron Shores Fellowship Church, the Leadership Team is accountable to one another and to Jesus Christ.

The Leadership Team at Huron Shores Fellowship Church is made up of individuals with various gifts who work together, submitting to one another, to serve the fellowship in humility and love. No one person is ultimately in charge; rather, the Leadership Team works together as a body of brothers and sisters, seeking the Lord’s Will cooperatively.

What does it mean when we say that the Leadership Team submits to one another? It means that members of this team submit to each other’s gifts and callings. We recognize that we each have a unique function in the body of Christ. Since we are all gifted and called to serve in different areas, we as encourage and defer to each other in those areas where one of us is more gifted, or where we see a clear calling.

Christ is the Head of the Church. The Leadership Team strives to follow His example by serving each other and the fellowship with humility and love. This means being willing to serve even though it might be inconvenient and even when it involves suffering, becoming the least, or being the last.  This body of leaders serves in strength, but remains sensitive to the needs of individuals within our fellowship. This balance can only be found in the leading of the Holy Spirit, as we surrender to Him and submit to one another.

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